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2016 Spring Registrations

Dec 29 2015 04:50 PM | Thecommish in League News

Please take advantage of the Early Bird Pricing for registrations. That will end January 11th, 2016. 5 on 5 will soon be starting up as soon as more information we need is acquired. Get signed up and Get on the Grid!!

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Spring 2016 Registration Information!

Dec 29 2015 02:45 PM | sois in League News

Attached is the information sheet for the 2016 season! View attachment: Winter2016.JPG

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Fantasy Leaders, Week 1

Sep 24 2015 10:46 PM | sois in League News

If you guys were still thinking about doing the fantasy teams, here are your early leaders. I'm sure some dudes are missing, since we didn't get all the rosters. I did the best I could, sorry :( http://engine.league...ce=0&category=6

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Fall Rosters (For Stats)

Sep 18 2015 10:40 AM | sois in League News

I want to make your life easy. I will bring team rosters on paper on Saturday for the captains meeting. I will also have a link if you want to just email me your changes. Send your team changes (adds, drops, team name changes) to aaron@lvgridiron.com....

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Sep 04 2015 02:40 PM | QbDeuce4 in League News

Feel free to go online and register and pay for your team this fall via PayPal. If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know. I look forward to seeing all of you on the field next week.

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Fantasy Fantasy Teams, Week 10

Aug 11 2015 08:19 PM | sois in League News

It was a low scoring week in the season finale. Here are the standings for the week!

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Summer Playoff Conferences

Aug 10 2015 07:48 PM | Newbieson29 in League News

It's about that time again fellas!

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Fantasy Fantasy Teams, Week 9

Aug 08 2015 02:34 PM | sois in League News

Hi everyone, especially Jordon. Bear is back on top this week. Good effort by his team! I am driving traffic to the site, as I have done all season. Take note, Robbie.

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Fantasy Fantasy Teams, Week 7

Jul 19 2015 08:47 PM | sois in League News

Y'all need to redraft your teams, too many good dudes are not on rosters. Here are the results from week seven!

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