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March 22, 2015 Scores & Week 7 Fantasy Leaders: Hostile Takeover, 36 def. Work, 62nd 2 None, 18 def. Da Savages, 13Franchise, 21 def. Nellis, 6Ballz Deep, 19 def. Gotham, 14Sin City Kings, 6 def. Rampage, 0Sub-Zero, 18 def. Razorbacks, 6OTF, 21 def. Young Bucks, 20Green Bowl Packers, 18 def. Air Raid, 12Enuff Said, 18 def. Beer Leaguers, 13Transformers, 7 def. Hot Boyz, 0

Latest News

Schedule For Weeks 4 & 5

Feb 24 2015 10:17 PM | QbDeuce4 in League News

Update to Spring Schedules

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Season Begins Tomorrow! Arrive 15 minutes...

Feb 07 2015 12:22 PM | sois in League News

Hi all, the Spring 2015 LV Gridiron season will kickoff tomorrow and some pre-game processes are changing. Each player will be required to sign the roster sheet and will be given a wristband for their game. No wristband, no play! Refs will be instructe...

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MWC and BIG 12 Awards

Dec 15 2014 09:57 PM | QbDeuce4 in League News

Voted by their peers to be THE BEST of THE BEST in their Conference!

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Thank you!

Nov 11 2014 09:57 AM | QbDeuce4 in League News

One day isn't enough, but we'll take this day to honor all that serve and have served our country!

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The Gridiron Show - First Episode

Nov 01 2014 03:57 AM | Average Joe in League News

Gridiron Show Episode #1

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****Updated Week 1 Schedule****

Sep 23 2014 09:12 PM | QbDeuce4 in League News

LET'S GO!!!!!!

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Sep 11 2014 09:59 PM | QbDeuce4 in League News

Time to Get Back On The Grid!

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Jul 15 2014 02:38 PM | QbDeuce4 in League News

With us now OFFICIALLY halfway through our Summer Season, I'm happy to announce that we have opened registration for the upcoming Fall Season and we will give our Draft League ONE MORE SHOT as well!!! Please visit our registration page to see the pric...

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Registration Link Via PayPal for Draft League...

Jun 01 2014 11:12 PM | QbDeuce4 in League News

No excuses, want to play? We're making it easier to pay!

Save your time and your gas money by paying quickly and conveniently online for your Summer Season or your Draft League Entry Fee.

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