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    LV Gridiron News

      2017 Fall GRID - MORNING Player Registration

      Click here to register for your morning team.


      Look below for the link to register for your night team.

      2017 Fall UTL - NIGHT Player Registration

      Click here to register for your night team.


      Look above for the link to register for your morning team.

      2017 Fall Playoff Brackets

      2017 Fall Regular Season Final Standings

      The LV GridIron Game Center is here!

      We have added this state of the art website to help the league be the best in the nation, not just Vegas.

      Schedules, stats, game previews, game footage and exclusive video commentary and interviews will live here. Now you can track all of the Grid's exciting activity without team captains having to text or message game times to all their players and players can access their arsenal for trash talking with personal and team stats with a simple click.

      Stay tuned for even more exciting features!

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      Flag Football America Podcast

      2017 Flag Madness Winner LV Gridiron (James Bourgoin)

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      If you are interested in joining a team or just want another resource for what's going on in the league, head over to the LV Gridiron Flag Football page or the LV Gridiron Flag Football Forum group on Facebook .

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      LV Gridiron Films - You Tube

      Check out our YouTube channel.

      Contact Us:

      We welcome any feedback you may have about our league. If you have questions, suggestions, or inquiries, feel free to contact any of us by email or phone.

      James Bourgoin


      Phone: 702.372.4648

      Warner Tureaud


      Phone: 702.503.5169

      Eric Weithofer


      Phone: 702.203.7391