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July 26, 2015 Scores & Week 8 Fantasy Leaders: Transformers, 20 def. SuperFly, 6Sub-Zero, 8 def. Air Raid, 6Underrated, 14 def. Fury, 6Ballhawks, 26 def. Hostile Takeover, 13All Over Sachs Face, 32 def. Franchise, 7Alphaz, 14 def. Da Savages, 122nd 2 None, 13 def. Got Heem, 8Ballz Deep, 26 def. Gotham, 20

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Fantasy Fantasy Teams, Week 7

Jul 19 2015 08:47 PM | sois in League News

Y'all need to redraft your teams, too many good dudes are not on rosters. Here are the results from week seven!

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Fantasy Fantasy Teams, Week 6

Jul 12 2015 09:54 PM | sois in League News

Well, we are a PPR league now. Here are the leaders for week 6. Three of the top five guys aren't even on teams. That's cool.

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Fantasy Fantasy Teams, Week 5

Jul 06 2015 01:12 AM | sois in League News

We have a new champion this week! Congrats to David and his two man team!

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Fantasy Fantasy Teams, Week 4

Jun 29 2015 10:26 PM | sois in League News

Here are the week 4 results for the Las Vegas Flag Football's Finest fantasy teams.

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Fantasy Fantasy Teams

Jun 24 2015 10:57 PM | sois in League News

I like to gamble, hopefully this will assist your gambling needs. These are the teams that were drafted in the infamous offseason fantasy draft. Here are the results from week three. Stop living in the past, fellas. Time to drop Discoe and pick up so...

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Second Stage Pools Set

Jun 23 2015 10:45 PM | sois in League News

The pools for the second phase of this summer season have been posted. No surprises here, everything laid out easily by record. Avron will have details on what happens after the next three weeks. These groups looks like they will make for good competit...

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Remember to Check In!

Jun 11 2015 03:10 PM | sois in League News

Hi League, Remember to check in at the tents before your game. All teams that checked in have their stats entered. We were not super clear about it week 1, but take this as the notice to get your team checked in before each game. All captains have bee...

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Change is coming

May 08 2015 11:23 AM | Robbie in League News

Change is coming to grid any new team will get new flags for free ??? Free water or possible free teant ask foR details call me at 702 862 6691 only for new teams

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Schedule For Weeks 4 & 5

Feb 24 2015 10:17 PM | QbDeuce4 in League News

Update to Spring Schedules

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