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October 19, 2014 Scores & Week 4 Fantasy Leaders: FUBAR, 24 def. Sin City Kings, 21Mad Dogs, 39 def. Transformers, 20Wise Guys, 21 def. Sub-Zero, 20Hot Boyz, 21 def. Da Savages, 18OMMC, 33 def. Mon-Stars, 182nd 2 None, 40 def. Beer Leaguers, 0Wolf Pack, 6 def. Las Vegas Saints, 0All In, 31 def. Air Raid, 12Body Shop, 30 def. Empire, 24Bad Boys, 42 def. Rampage, 6
Barrington Rose
Fantasy Points: 42.15
Box Score
Korey Del Pozo
Body Shop
Fantasy Points: 35.90
Box Score
Vince Esonasson
Fantasy Points: 35.00
Box Score
Sherjuan Brown
2nd 2 None
Fantasy Points: 34.68
Box Score
Mark Lawson
Mad Dogs
Fantasy Points: 34.50
Box Score
Brandon Pappillion
Mad Dogs
Fantasy Points: 30.25
Box Score
Josh Smith
Mad Dogs
Fantasy Points: 29.50
Box Score
Brandon Navarotte
Fantasy Points: 29.44
Box Score
DeMarlo Lewis
Body Shop
Fantasy Points: 28.75
Box Score
Michael Tabb
2nd 2 None
Fantasy Points: 27.05
Box Score
Dawon Harris
Fantasy Points: 24.05
Box Score
Randle Denson
Body Shop
Fantasy Points: 22.50
Box Score
Mike Sachs
Fantasy Points: 22.40
Box Score
Odie Davis
Sin City Kings
Fantasy Points: 21.52
Box Score

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****Updated Week 1 Schedule****

Sep 23 2014 09:12 PM | QbDeuce4 in League News

LET'S GO!!!!!!

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Sep 11 2014 09:59 PM | QbDeuce4 in League News

Time to Get Back On The Grid!

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Jul 15 2014 02:38 PM | QbDeuce4 in League News

With us now OFFICIALLY halfway through our Summer Season, I'm happy to announce that we have opened registration for the upcoming Fall Season and we will give our Draft League ONE MORE SHOT as well!!! Please visit our registration page to see the pric...

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Registration Link Via PayPal for Draft League...

Jun 01 2014 11:12 PM | QbDeuce4 in League News

No excuses, want to play? We're making it easier to pay!

Save your time and your gas money by paying quickly and conveniently online for your Summer Season or your Draft League Entry Fee.

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May 20 2014 01:48 PM | QbDeuce4 in League News

Congrats Fellas! Well deserved!

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May 20 2014 01:24 PM | QbDeuce4 in League News

Gone But Not Forgotten

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Playoff Scores

May 18 2014 07:32 AM | QbDeuce4 in League News

We are going to do our best to update these throughout the day.

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May 17 2014 10:39 PM | QbDeuce4 in League News

We would like to run a few ideas pass the Competition Committee and we also would like to think through some of the changes, but you guys want to know what's on our agenda? Well here is a small hint......

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LV GRIDIRON Competition Committee

May 05 2014 11:41 PM | QbDeuce4 in League News

Let your voice be heard! You want change? Here's your chance to help help make change happen.

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